Branding and rebranding

The luxury of having a client stick work with you for multiple years is that you can  keep updating their image. I was able to reverse the logo, update the images with a blue overlay, and create new icon elements to refresh their look.

Website design

For this website I was given a few pages of copy to create the beginning look and feel. Much of my time was spent on creating the best user experience for the insurance product description plans and prices and how they were displayed on both desktop and mobile.

Pivot Health site


Selecting photos and combining them with content is the skill that I am best at. Over 30 pages of compliant underwriting can seem a bit less intimidating when the cover is pleasurable.


From my experience of working at trade shows, I know that the message has to be short and the visual large.


Creating an infographic is like layout downsizing.  Translating a lot of copy to intice the reader is a challenge.

Health Insurance reform infographic
Reference based pricing infographic